ARE YOU A SINGLE MOM? How to survive and to bloom into this marvellaus experience by Tiziana Palazzo

01 Apr, 2014

single-moms3bigAccording to the Centers for Disease Control. in 2013 , almost 5 out of 10 children in the U.S. are born out of wedding. It is one of the highest figures of all time and is not a cause of teen moms (teenager : motherhood is at its lowest rate in the last 65 years). The increase in births by unmarried women in the age range between 25 and 29 years are 30% , since 1991, births by unmarried women in the age range between 30 and 44 years are 17% . Be careful : the statistics don’t say how many single moms have another partner ( with the choice to not marry ), those living with the family ( to have some extra help ) , and those are really lonely. But the point is that there are a lot of single moms out there. The daily challenges for a single parent are similar to those of a married parent : Facing the sleepless nights, taking care of the children, paying bills … But , in all this, the detail is that you are alone to face ! Even when you feel overcome , you can always create a constructive solution. Here are the major concerns of the new single moms. I’m keep up with the challenge?

The answer is yes, all of us women we are well equipped to deal with motherhood from birth and raise their offspring with or without the ” father “, it is a primordial mechanism that triggers and that puts us in a position to draw courage with all of our infinite inner resources. Can I get alimony? It depends. If you’re smiling , reading this question , it means you ‘re one of those who do not receive the ‘ monthly allowance . Well, you’re a badass , your children only count on you, you are a true ” head of the family” ! The best thing that a single mother can do for her own children is to be a brave, strong , resourceful educational example . I draw in this inexhaustible source of experiences too, that teach it independence and strength. Have will People always their eyes on me? divorce and birth out of wedding do not have the social impact that they have had in previous ereas, save exceptions social and cultural rights ( parents opposite, gossips , remote villages , etc. .) in that case, move to a more serene and open reality is actually a good way to re-start.

Surround yourself with people emotionally generous and positive, this increases the confidence in yourself and the ability to do it. Will My child grow up well-balanced without a father ? If you work on yourself and managing your emotions of resentment and anger, if you surround yourself with positive male figures creating new educational masculine references, such as teachers and coaches or his/her grandfather, in the absence of a good relationship with the natural father (assuming that this is actually a positive figure ) Yes, for my experience, he will grow balanced! With gratiutudine forever.

Tiziana Palazzo

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