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20 Jul, 2014

global-cooperation-dayPeace in the World, in addition to being subject to a “Miss,” and seem “far away” from everyday life, it is also, in my opinion, a topic related to the salvation of humanity in the world.
Away from the usual clichés on the environment, sustainability, make this world better and so on, and so forth. Let’s get straight to the point: We are putting at risk our daily survival, period.

Oh yes! And Amazon, for those who have at heart, not dormirne? Many of us do not know where is located needless. Then, fantastic, our attempts to make eco-friendly: We buy zero km, without ensuring that the fruit is not cost waste water (then I might as wel buy it imported), the Green and in Italy for a few “coherent and consistent “arrabbattano others to make a separate, perhaps continuing to use the Dash in the washing machine. Did you know that there is a washing machine to “crank” to do Laundry? Controversy say. No! Provocation, yes! First of al to myself. After the meeting with dazzling Sustainability Forum where al the things they said and proposed, sustainable “business system and staff,” but not “shake too much.” Here’s the chal enge: ACQUIRE THE VALUE OF THE SAFETY OF OUR SPECIES. “Yes, here it is much more than just dealing with the world. Here it comes to our children, grandchildren, friends, it is ourselves, on a daily basis. Do you real y that the world wil end if we waste its resources? Wake up, the world would regenerate! And ‘demonstrated everywhere: Mesozoic Cretaceous etc.In short there wil be those who come after us? Then act in the “here and now”, in the newspaper is the answer that I have adopted.

On October 4th, 2014, I decided to spread in Italy a new tradition that can serve as a start- up to a new daily habit. The Global Cooperation Day 2014. A concrete initiative began as determined by a friendly lady named Liz Greenwell (her interview is in the next issue). Here or you’re there or you’re not there! When I founded this web Magazine I thought of something that was, in addition, the usual source of information. I Thought to a
tool of the “Action” new, massive, personal resonance with global, transforming, sustainable and applicable to al levels of personal evolution of this life (for those who believe and those who do not believe).

I thought about my contribution to the “Green Cal to Action”, which is why it is not printable, but it is highly shareable. If you love, you love your loved ones and also if you love, share and spread what they first apply in your life. In the next issue we begin to act in preparation for The Global Cooperation Day 2014.


Tiziana Palazzo

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