Becoming a Corporate Champion Coach by Sheena Walker

24 Jul, 2014

sheena-walkerEvery manager’s goal is to help their employees maximise their potential. Traditional management styles have their limitation; however, research shows that performance coaching improves productivity and staff performance.

Knowing how to help others reach their highest performance is the greatest skil of any leader or business person; and is the secret to generating more revenue.

Learn how to become a high performance coach and maximise staffs potential. The approaches and techniques used in high-performance coaching borrow heavily from the worlds of sport and the military–areas where optimal performance is key. High-performance coaching conversations usual y start with finding out people’s “starting points”– their visions or life ambitions.

Then, it moves on to explore the directions in which people need to move to achieve those visions, and the steps they need to take now to do so.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Learn our unique concept of Coaching for managers
  • Practical techniques and skills needed to embrace change
  • Position yourself with winning strategies applying lessons from business and sport
  • Learn how to Coach for Talent development
  • Build Rapport in Coaching
  • Learn how to use Feedback as a Coaching tool for developing talent
  • Perform like a Corporate Athlete deliver Gold medal performance at work

Participants Benefits:

  • Develop staff and build on existing experience
  • Have a structured approach to setting goals
  • Feedback and enhance employee performance
  • Create successful teams with more clarity energy productivity and influence
  • Become a leader with vision and panache influence give more be more
  • Build up your business or department to deliver higher performance and become invaluable

Sheena Walker

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