CHANGE REALITY by Alberto Lori

14 May, 2014

albertolori1Our personal model of reality was also born from our beliefs. “The danger comes not from what we know, but from what we believe to be true and yet it is not“, said Mark Twain. We are the direct result of our beliefs. What we believe determines our results. We know it, we live it every day on our skin. We’re going to play a challenging task and start the first doubt: I’ll be able to do it? I’ll keep up with it? In this way, we start with the wrong foot because we will not give the best of ourselves and we will overstate our doubts. Where come from these limiting or empowering beliefs? From our model. And where come from the model that we have built? From the neural networks of our brain. Neurons are nerve cells that are responsible for processing information.

The conscious repeated thoughts often become unconscious. Remember when did you learn to drive a car? For the first few months of driving your every gesture was aware, you had to have all your attention. Now, if it is already past few years, your guide has become unconscious, you must not think about it anymore, so it thinks your autopilot. It is the same with the behavior. If we respond to certain stimuli repeatedly with the same attitude, that behavior will become an automated program, is unconscious.

It is like a computer: hardware reads the software, but if this is always the same, it will read the same program continuously. However, it is possible to break the patterns of thought that we don’t like. You can break the cycle of a continuous program that became repetitive. They are indispensable, effort of will and awareness. We must begin to become observers of our own thought, because only in this way will we be able to exercise it within our control. If the neural network represents the model, the creation of new synapses creates new models of reality.

We aren’t the beliefs that have built the model. Let us realize that we have the potential to change, to change the program and run the hardware and software of our brains far more refined than what you started. Our personality is made up of abilities genetic, inherited from our parents, memories, behaviors, values , beliefs, in the form of synaptic patterns. You are neither the model nor the information you receive. The model is neither right nor wrong, it is only a starting platform. Neuroscience is showing us that we are more hardware of our brain, we are more than our neural circuits. The brain is the laboratory of the mind. So, if this is so, due to its malleability, you can think that we have the power to change the map of our neural pathways. You can change the wiring. The mind consists of two parts: *The subconscious and the brain original one, the oldest: it can process 40 billion bits of information per second, from the environment.

It is powerful, fast, but routine, repetitive, lacking in creativity. *The frontal neocortex, the most recent brain gives rise to consciousness and process 2000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind is slow, but very creative. Thanks to it, we give life to consciousness, among other things, to free will. The task of the subconscious is to create the reality deriving it from the program. Consequently, in view of the fact that, according to studies neuroscience, 95% of the day we rely on our auto-pilot (the unconscious mind) and only 5% to our awareness (the conscious mind), if we were poorly planned, we will continue to create negative experiences in our lives.

Why do we re-propose always the same behavior? Why do we make the same mistakes? The problem lies in the fact that real life does not reflect what we want, but the program that we have received. The only way out is represented by consciousness. Only if we are aware of what we do, we will not put into operation the usual tape recorder unconscious. In the neocortex lies our personality, our conscious identity. The identity shapes our habits and our behaviors. At the base there is the consciousness of being. If we consciously create our destiny, whether from the spiritual point of view we accept the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality and our lives (because the reality is life), then we can become the scientists of our lives. The magnitude there will be made not from what we do to the body, but from what we do to the mind.


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