How to acquire the references by Cesare D’Ambrosio

28 Jul, 2014

The reference is the secret weapon in any marketing activities or services. It is important to use a strategy for the application of reference. When you ask for references, what is our aim? Getting the names right away. What is your weak point?

The feeling of asking “alms” and the fear of receiving a “no” from the customer. What is the strength of our service we provided, of the companies we represent and of our professionalism. It ‘s very important to learn to ask for references. Train yourself to ask for references! It’s Important the ease with which we manage the situation and the continuity with which we present this request. Keep in mind that every time you “forget” to ask for references to some of your customer satisfied, you lose the enormous opportunities!

It may be helpful to write this letter-type which allows you to open many doors:

“Mr. X Y
(Address below)
Dear X,
I want you to make the acquaintance of Caesar D’Ambrosio. In my
opinion, he is one of the most knowledgeable insurance agents in Campania;
he enjoys my full confidence and I have often followed his advices. Perhaps at
this moment you do not even think about life to make sure, but I think you
helpful listen to the ideas of Mr. D’Ambrosio about it. It ‘a sensible man whose
opinion may be beneficial to you and your family.

Sincerely yours X”

You can not always expect that a person will write a whole letter. Thus, it can be useful to always carry in the pocket of business cards printed so:
“At the Sig …….
In order to present Cesare D’Ambrosio

(Signature of thepresenter) “

I recommend to always to thank the customer or the friend who has reported another customer if you forgett this duty of courtesy, you risk to offend a friend, that will do most other pleasures to you in future. In addition, if the deal has ended advantageously, those who have you procured good chances will be flattered and they will seek to favor you again, and if you’ve made a “hole in the water”, but you confess frankly, the same friend who made you the first report will try to point you in to a person more “affordable”.

Here is a sample letter of gratitude: We are infinitely grateful that you have presented Mr. Bianchi, The spirit of cooperation and friendship, that you have shown to us on this contingency, was really appreceated. We are always happy to serve you and your acquaintances.

Cesare D’Ambrosio

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