Mental Sport Coaching by Salvatore Toti Licata

28 May, 2014

Salvatore-Toti-Licata2The role of the Mental coach for people, athletes, teams, is not and can’t be linked just and exclusively to work on the mind and emotion.
It is a meeting with people with their own biopsycho-physical balance more or less balanced, that is known and respected, before being changed.
My experience includes, in particular, the development of person-athlete in various sports.
It is doesn’t matter whether it is rugby, golf, twirling or double trap.
I always consider essential to work alongside with the coach or female/male trainer of the team or the sample-athlete.

Why ?

Because the coach is whom often trains the knowledge and know-how. He explains the rules of the game, train the athletes and the team with tactics and strategies.
My intervention, however, is part of knowing how to be, changing completely the result, making totally effective and efficient all the work previously done, facilitating the rise and resolution of misunderstandings and difficulties that may pose barriers between athlete and the desired but not fully achieved result.
The total listening (empathy and emotional-inner), the observation and understanding of people–athletes, their specific needs, allow me to devise, orbetter, to sew up, what you need.
Sometimes it’s just a lack of mental clarity : the body responds but the mind didn’t accompany it, and then the error is frequently. Sometimes it is the lack of field vision, positioning or, simply, the real desire to train to win.

I often have to intervene to understand, through technical psychomotor and inner anchorages, what it means to be coordinated with themselves and with every cell of your body in order of all is active in only one direction.
If you want to be champions and above all you have to want to prove it to yourself. Only later, when the inner shock has been activated, you will be able to reach the desired goal, making it real and tangible.
At that point we will have before our eyes ones champions are ready to take the field in such a way so obvious that a careful observer will easily be able to figure out who will win that game.
The true champion is the one who makes beating unison passion, commitment, hard work, strategies and hearts, he has already won with himself and
now aware of his desire to win, he will
become a Number 1 !

Salvatore Toti Licata

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