More than Jazz … di Tal Babitzky

25 May, 2014

Tal-Babitzky-2Tiziana: What make you discover your passion for the music?
Tal: I think that it is something that exist inside me. I have almost an endless energy and desire to create new melodies and to put them on a new combination of chords. I really enjoy to do it, music is a part of me , I feel music every second in my life and very important for me not to lose it, to work on myself and develop my skills.

Tiziana: Describe yourself with 3 positive adjectives and 3 negative ones?
Tal: Positive:

  1. kind and compassionate
  2. sensitive
  3.  intelligent


  1. 1) selfish
  2. 2) untidy
  3. 3) procrastinator.

Tiziana: What is the musical piece you’ve written that represents you the most?
Tal: To do the best things that I can: to write music, to raise my children, to help friends.

Tiziana: What ‘s the biggest opportunity that we have today in the world according to you?
Tal: To connect with the people all over the world, to learn from each other, to make the world better for the human being.

Tiziana: What ‘s the “power” that you recognize to the music? And to your own one ?

  1. I think that music has a huge impact on humans. It can affect better or worse, it is very important to expose people to good music.
  2. I hope that my music inspires minds and hearts.

Tiziana: If you want to make someone happy now what track could you play?
Tal: I will play my last piece I wrote.

Tiziana: If I gave you a magic pen that can fulfill any of your desires,.. what would it be?
Tal: To record all my works, to compose music to beautiful movies, to play concerts, to spent many hours with my family and my friends, to visit beautiful places, to read and learn, to meet good people.

Tiziana Palazzo and Tal Babitzky

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