The Focus creates the Reality by Alberto Lori

31 Jul, 2014

alberto_lori2Then, can you change? You cannot NOTchange, you can only change. The question is rather different: can we direct the change? In any case, you can affect change by changing the degree of energy we give it. In what way? With the focus.

Think of having a 25 watt bulb which shoots energy at 360 degrees in all directions. It will have an influence on the surrounding environment. The laser has 25 watts but all focused on a single point. What result may have an energy aimed at a single point rather than across all the room?

It will change that particular point, while on other points of the room will reach only few bounce photons . When you meditate or you focus on something, the famous 10 watts of the brain are directed on that special something, on a point,and with the result of a more conscious, intentional and effective change of that specific point.

That’s the difference. You change the address to the informations. When I go out of my meditation I have changed forever a part of my operating system . I wonder: can I change the entire operating system, I mean the model? Yes, even radically, but we need energy.

However, do not believe you can change anything with the steering wheel thinking: I’m rich, I’m lucky, I’m healthy and then I’m going to cry on myself. It is not so that you can change. It takes energy. Energy flows where attention goes, It can be consciousness and intentionally addressed..

The programs operate at the subconscious level. Although at this time you were not aware and having not a conscious intent, in any case you have a program that supports the information. It’s called DNA + model.

Your program tells you that you are an incompetent and inept. What do you need to do and change the program? It’s not that you can edit it thinking the contrary, of beeing able to do whatever you can think about. You must act on the operating system which makes leverage of that program. You have to change your way of thinking.

You need to focus on a different behavior, on how the one who is convinced to do it would do it. It is a repetitive exercise on how to keep the focus on this positive attitude.

The repetition is to keep the attention focused on this new way of being. Where the focus is it creates the reality.

Alberto Lori

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