THE RECIPE BY LUIGI PERO Fillet of Palmito in couscous

15 Sep, 2014

palmito-con-sous-cousAs I promised you from this number I want to introduce some of my recipes and since I want to support the traditions of the italain areas, this month I want to unite Italy from north to south.
When smuggling anchovies and salt only came from Liguria to Piedmont and you could not buy olive oil , for cooking we crush and press hazelnut to extract a huge excel ence oil that I wil match to a thread of longline (Palamito) fished in this period and accompanied by a Mediterranean product like cous cous.

Ingredients for 4 people.
-1 Slice of fil et of longline( Palamito) or Tonnarel o at least 700gr
-200 grams of hazelnut grains in order to IGP Piedmont and sesame seeds
-hazelnut uncooked oil in order to IGP Piedmont
-200 Grams of couscous
-2 clear zucchini (courgettes),
half yellow and half red bel pepper,
1 large, ripe tomato and a smal eggplant.

PREPARATION: Cut al the vegetables at the julienne way and make them sauté in a frying pan type wok, over a high flame.Add salt and pepper as your taste.

Put in cooking the couscous using a bit of hazelnut oil. Lightly grease the threads ( Palamito) , salted and pass it in the hazelnut grains mixed with sesame seeds and then bake it in a baking dish at 180/200 degrees for 15/20 minutes it depends on how much blood you like.

Mix the couscous and vegetables and with a ring formed in the a serving plate a cylinder, cut the threads ( Palamito) into coarse slices that you draw them near to the couscous and decorate it stil with a drizzle of hazelnut oil.

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