The Second Chakra by Emanuela Todesco

11 Aug, 2014

emanuela-TODESCODoes it happen to you to have a little vitality or little zest for life? Can’t you fully express your creativity? Do you have troubles on letting you go to the fun and pleasure? Do you have a bad relationship with sexuality?

This could be caused by an imbalance of the Sacral Chakra. Let’s go deeper to understand why. The second chakra, called the Sacral Chakra in Sanskrit Svadhistana (which means sweetness, a term related to the concept of physical and sensual happiness) is the energy center of sexuality and the joy of living, and home to the primal emotions do not mind. Among the topics are related: sexuality, creativity, energy, creative life and sensuality. And ‘situated in the lower abdomen, just below the navel, and it is represented by the water element, the symbol of mobility and flexibility, which refers to the concept of “flow of life.” The planet Venus is connected, and the verb is: I will. It is the Chakra of connection between body, emotions and mind, between the inner and outer worlds. The color is associated with is the orange one, that is the symbol of inner harmony, artistic creativity and sex, fertility, positive emotions, pleasure and success.

Orange, with its bright hues, invites us to free spontaneously ourselves from the patterns and express our emotions. A stable Sacral Chakra promotes a healthy relationship with our own sensuality passion and emotions are not repressed, but paid up. The body is consciously accepted and loved despite the flaws and weaknesses. The erotic relationship with the patner is rewarding and full of passion, and our relationships with the opposite sex are healthy, authentic and satisfying. Life in general is characterized by frequent positive experiences, prosperity, abundance and wealth.

This Chakra is related to the pleasure and leads us towards it, both from a physical and emotional point of view, therefore, helps us to make our life enjoyable and fulfilling. It ‘a real teacher who shows us the way forward towards everything that gives us joy, pleasure, contentment and satisfaction. A balanced Sacral Chakra also allows you to develop your full creative potential, and feelings such as self-confidence, love of life and charm. Influence our success, because the only true secret to success lies in our ability to follow the path that shows us our heart, therefore doing what we love, what we do answer our ability and our natural talents … in other words be happy for the simple fact of being themselves.

A simple and effective way to tell if your second Chakra is balanced is to observe what you do every day, and especially to see how you do it. The things you do every day, such as your work, your hobbies etc … make you happy? They make you feel good? You hate what you do, you can not wait to get away and feel the need to compensate for the frustration with the physical pleasure? If during your day, while performing your normal daily activities, you feel good, motivated, enthusiastic, full of energy and motivation, it means that your Sacral Chakra is in balance. In contrast, a poorly functioning Svadhistana makes you feel a lack of self-esteem, phobias, panic, anxiety, jealousy, inability to be you.

It becomes difficult, if not impossible, to manage anger, the reactions are always instinctive, uncontrolled, always guided emotion rather than logic and balance. Malfunctioning of this chakra brings you to the need to feel more intense emotional states and is often due to severe mood swings, ranging from euphoria to depression.

There might be an exaggerated pursuit of pleasure, even and especially on a sexual level (if it were hyperfunctioning), but also a total closure towards sexuality in life, if underactive, creating a kind of anesthesia ability to feel joy not intellectual. At the physical level, this chakra governs the functioning of the testes, prostate and ovaries. Also influence bodily fluids, such as blood, lymph, semen, urine, etc..

A balanced Savdhistana prevents diseases to the reproductive organs, disturbances mestrulai, impotence, kidney pains as well as disorders in the hip, back and the area of the sacrum. Its proper functioning is crucial to your health from every point of view, because it gives joy of life, which is essential not only for inner well-being, but also for all life processes and a stable organic health. But is it possible to balance the second Chakra? And how? Working to balance the second chakra, it can be really nice, the secret is in fact endeavoring to do whatever makes you feel good and makes you happy.

• Do what you love, you are passionate about and you enjoy it, instead of avoiding those activities that will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.
• The best way is undoubtedly to express your skills and your natural talents, that is the most precious gifts you possess.
• Committ to identify the activities that you like to do, express your creativity and your spirit, so cultivate the energy of your Sacral Chakra.
• Eat foods such as oranges and orange carrots and wearing orange clothes to increase positive emotions. Enter this color in your home ambiante.
• Join in connection with the element of water. Skip to swim regularly, and make great tranquility, the pleasant warm baths.
• Drink enough: you assume at least two liters of fluid a day, in the form of water and herbal teas.
• Go dancing. Especially the couple dances like the tango and salsa stimulate the energy in the sacral chakra, but also belly dancing.
• Sit with your back straight and breathe in through your nose sounding, exhaling, the vowel O, which stimulates this chakra.
• Choose the stones, including the following, to take with you: tiger’s eye, topaz, tourmaline, red, jade, aventurine-stone of the sun, hyacinth, opal, coral.
• Repeat several times a day the following statements, whispering voice slowly relaxed to at least ten times “I fold myself with my creative energy”

“I accept with love my body and my sexuality” “Life is a divine gift that I can and I want to enjoy “never forget that the welfare of the Sacral Chakra depends on what you do, so take your time each day to remind yourself that you are a special being, who needs to do what he loves to feel good and satisfied. Now .. having seen all the features of the second Chakra .. .is there something that resonates with you? Do you find yourself in some of those situations or emotions? If you want to learn more about Chakra, you can read my article in the May. To learn instead what it is and how important is the proper functioning of the root Chakra, read it in the last article (June) there is everything you need! In the next article we will explore the third chakra, the solar plexus! Stay tuned!

Emanuela Todesco

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