Why we get sick? By Camelia Cicu

16 Aug, 2014

Why do we get sick? Despite the considerable efforts of scientific research, the discovery of more and more powerful drugs and the use of advanced technologies those are unable to cope with a significant increase of illnesses and degenerative diseases. Why, then, do we get sick?
The quality of life is increasingly threatened by those conditions which must be traced back to the own lifestyle :
1) Environmental pollution – poisons (chemical, electromagnetic, radioactive, crazy weather, noise)
2) poor nutrition – devitalized food
3) dehydration
4) insufficient oxygenation
5) excitotoxins dependencies (alcohol, smoking, coffee, drugs, chemical drugs, food additives)
6) dissatisfaction at work – conflicting relationships
7) lack of physical activity
8) inadequate sleep
9) genetic.

The conditions just described are both of a physical and psychological type because as demonstrated by modern neurophysiology, every process of thought or emotion (positive or negative) affect the proper function of the body.

Dr. Camelia Cicu
consulenza@cameliacicu.com or write to the editorial office.

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