Let’s adopt sustainability value by Tiziana Palazzo

10 Jun, 2014

Tiziana PalazzoSustainable development, far from being a final state of harmony, but rather a changing process such that the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of the development technological and institutional changes are made consistent with future needs as well as with the current. Gro Harlem Brundtland

This sentence sums up the importance of the value of sustainability to which we are called adults for the sake of our children and beyond. Sustainability in fact today, more than ever, it is no longer an option but a driver of business. Considering that: the earth’s resources are limited, the financial and economic “crisis” highlighted, clearly all the limitations of a model of management and economic development aimed at maximizing the profitability in the short and very short time.

A sustainable economy involves the protection and enhancement of natural resources and the economic, social and institutional businesses and citizens in an interdependent relationship unequivocal. I was invited to the Forum of Sustainability that there was on the 20th of May of this year in Milan, organized by the “Comunicazione Italiana” where I could witness my experience on sustainability. In my opinion there is a basic misunderstanding that is to impute liability to companies and channel the attention entirely to education, the value of sustainability only to new generations, forgetting a crucial detail I would say: Any child educated at value of sustainability belongs to a family that can not necessarily be considered important to the same value. This frustrates some efforts that can shatter beliefs “wall” of certain adults, that in addition to throwing the “waste paper on the floor,” maybe the little matter of Km zero or differentiated waste. So what do to do over the information? , Brochures, initiatives at the park with the kids and a business plan of “sustainability”. This is my proposal: “to form the adult to sustainability value” with the same paths (and others) for which, the adult perceives today the important to buy a certain car, a certain product or a service, because the staff to recognize a fundamental value. To The objection it takes so long, I say the proof of the puddig!

Tiziana Palazzo

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