Goodby Ciro… by Tiziana Palazzo

08 Apr, 2015

This issue is dedicated to Ciro Imparato.
He was Vocal Coach, extraordinary trainer, voice actor with a unique and rare voice, creative and effective manuals writer and creator of the fantastic system Four Voice Colors, the first innovative method that allows you to learn the “grammar of emotions” and consequently improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships.
Ciro has died March 18 last mounth, but his work, his passion, all that He has given remain in the service of all of us.
As a friend, I remember his undeniable kindness, his great empathy, his sincerity and great negotiation skills, as well as his attention to detail, and good feelings.

He was a Man open to all the opportunities and in my opinion one of the few Italian trainers that really was coherent, consistent and intact in his own Vision that it is still alive among us.
He was an Attentive and loving father, he goes out with the great opportunity for growth through the gift of voice.
Ciro is no longer with us, but his work remains, becoming his name rightful, among the Immortals.
In the heart of those who remain, of those who knew him, his students, his friends and his family, Ciro left a seed, which will continue to bear fruits.
Goodby Ciro…

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