The interview with Valentina Iannazzone by Tiziana Palazzo

04 Jul, 2014

valentina-intervistaTiziana: How is define for you the home?

Valentina Iannazzone: Today talk of “home”, as well as historically defined is quite an understatement. It speaks more often of systems and changes in the environment, creation of habitat measure, redefinition and restructuring of space. This thing is not just about designers and professionals but also the common man and woman, constantly interested in what surrounds them , the new possibilities that landscape design and material world offer. More and more people love living in a house that present innovative and experimental forms, draw on their needs and that maybe they mean something different than the traditional spaces encoded by the architectural literature: kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on. Today fascinates the transition between spaces, contamination , a kitchen that opens to the living room, a bathroom that gets a spa, a natural element that can penetrate the hard materiality of things. Moreover, this trend reflects the world as well as changing in this historic moment. We are witnessing the formation and sometimes slow sometimes fast new models of family, economy, culture of living and spend time, we observe even unexpected climate changes that affect the way we live in the house and the land.

Tiziana: Why did you choose to work with Byoumag ?

Valentina Iannazzone: My work experience to date has been very varied, I explored different themes, historical architecture of Florence, the yacht design, from interior design trends and searching for materials with Patricia Urquiola, from graphic design projects and experience of lighting up to sociological themes and project strategy, If these are the thematic topics that I cared, on the other hand life has led me to research questions and deeper, All work is the fruit of understanding of the various dynamics, what we think of ourselves, how we interact with others, how we relate with respect to the “world” and compared to our life goals. The intensity and hustle of everyday life often lead us to lose focus, so you may find yourself wondering: What am I doing ? And above all, is what I’m doing something of value to me and to others? A healthy introspection has meant that I approached the world of training and I have benefited greatly from this as I lived to see the work, who wanted to be and especially what was the contribution that I could give to others through my talents, Today, this research continues on myself and it is always parallel to the research material, objective and so-called “worldly”, This magazine so it seemed the perfect place to express myself and give my contribution.

Tiziana: What would you give to our readers?

Valentina: In the life of every day we make thousands of choices , sometimes there are choices that you make a few times within our existence as that of a house, Sometimes these choices because they are afraid of something “forever”, I do not think it’s right, today we have many possibilities to vary our environments, working with light elements such as light, color, fabric and so on. Of course, the wall project, the renovation is something more challenging, but even in this case it is possible to proceed in small steps and with caution. I believe it is vital the first approach with the customer, find out what his world, what he wants. Somehow I think the architect to do a sort of Socratic operation, the discipline that ancient Greece is likened to the work of the “midwife” (similar to the philosopher with the art of dialectic by the student pulled out his thoughts absolutely personal and original), In this way, when the understanding between the designer and the client has taken place (it can be an immediate thing or longer) to build the house or the image that you want to work becomes an enjoyable work shoulder to shoulder, In the context of the online magazine I want to experience the opportunity of this first dialogue, a dialogue interpretation of the needs and dreams of the customer who already can give birth to first tangible results and that surely can offer the customer a vision or a range of solutions, To return to the theme of the magazine and to focus on the architectural design within it, I can say that the environment that surrounds us can truly be a fundamental means for our well-being, The rest as they say many ancient philosophies and modern “the external environment is the mirror of our inner state”, Since these two biunivocal functions then also act on the external world can lead to improve in and still contribute to increasing our well being. In this regard I would like to close with point 7 of the 1914 futurist manifesto of architecture, a pillar of the history of Italian architecture: “For architecture is meant the endeavor to harmonize with freedom and great audacity environment with man, the things that make the world a direct projection of the spirit world”, This thought seems very current and for all of us, Thanks for this wonderful interview with Tiziana

Tiziana: thank you too.


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