Luigi Pero Art in the Kitchen

15 Sep, 2014

The kitchen will evolve as society evolves, without ceasing to be an art. These were the words of the great chef Auguste Escoffier. What extent has evolved what we cal the Italian food? Sometimes I think about the meaning of this word. There is a real Italian cuisine or nominate it because it is made from Italians?

“The kitchen wil evolve as society evolves, without ceasing to be an art” (Chef Auguste Escoffier)

In this global world, where foreigners think that there is only lthe “lasagna bolognese”, that you can eat only spaghetti with “meat bal s” and that noodles are just “Alfredo”. And when we teach them that you drink white wine with fish and red wine with meat and then submit a workhorse like veal with tuna sauce perhaps accompanied with Russian salad. Why Russian because this kind of salad does not exist in Russia? As an end, maybe a nice “tiramisù” that some “good caterer” prepares with the Savoyard buiscuits and that foreigners know it very wel , but in reality others prepare with the sponge cake (Pan di Spagna). Why then from Spain? We real y needed to incense the Iberian people to erase his real name which is Genoise Pate that’s “pasta Genovese” (and not Pan di Spagna) as it is cal ed in the rest of the world.

Imagine of taking a dip in the past and you want to encode, like the scribes the art of Italian cooking. After the techniques which and how many recipes would have been protected. At this point, I think I can stil support my old thought that Italy is the only territory in the world where our every region is a state in itself. Before we talk about Italian cuisine we must talk about regional cuisine. The agricultural economy and seasonality have, over the centuries, ripenied al our culinary culture.

The real Italian cuisine is the one written in the history of the territories that in the fol owing years it has been handed down. The big evolution is started after that in large kitchens was appearing the technology and after that, not only the great Italian chefs have crossed the borders of our beautiful country, but also our products and our culinary excel ences. The imagination of Italian chefs has no limits and behold, the kitchen of the territories mixes with this product of our beautiful Italy. This is in my opinion the Italian cuisine. Italy is a garden overlooking the sea with the most beautiful mountains in Europe.

The diversity of the micro-climate, our agriculture and maritime culture, al ow us to have the raw materials that are the envy of the world that are manipulated in the tradition of the true Italian cuisine that the world envies us.

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