Reuse and visions of transience by Valentina Iannazzone

18 Aug, 2014

valentinaIn this first speech on housing and on the “eclectic environments”I base the new one on a rather special case, but maybe nowadays for issues of transience, uncertainty and speed of economic work that characterize our new reality, that we often live in many. The new challange is to Live in temporary spaces, where to think and realize a quick and low cost formal ploy to stay healthy and live in harmony in the home is important. Live in a warm and fresh context for a short time in a transitional place with fantasy and little impact on your economic resources. Invent it and have fun. Create visions that are a kind of prelude to the house that you would like to build. A sort of draft idealized and realized, that allows you to live for a short time in the corners that basically look like you and you like … And every journey begins with a first step.

And how many trainers say you need “start and then it become perfect.” In the case of an apartment this often turns practically to use what is there, retrieve reuse, coating, transforming the existing, small items that add as a spice make it more special simply an otherwise bland food. Give a brief identity that is very similar to a scene, and also for this little material and very durable, but definitely of scenic effect. We could say a house set up for a acceptable period.

One type of surgery that is suitable for people nonconformist, a bit nomadic, flexible and open to experiments, but perhaps only to those who wish to change for a while the static nature of the place where they have always lived, or who wants to change with a very little effort. You do not always get a chance, usually becouse of lack of budget or time, to realize what you really want, but sometimes it can be made of the spaces outlined that somehow created in a nutshell what we want in the future. That ‘s what happened in the project for a dear friend of mine. (The design of a house or any space is a bit as the definition of a very personal vision somehow a vision of the future. I like my customers to see and live the project such as the construction of a building brighter stage of life). A project quite unique because, though limited, it allows immense freedom.

A free space to live temporarily because sell it and then “really” renovate in a couple of years, a place where they can play and dare. We find ourselves in a house 70 years old, a dark entrance, an anonymous corridor, the bedrooms are spacious and well-recoverable but bathroom and kitchen finishes with depressing and dark cappings. I have to be in the house for a while to understand, absorb the mood, pick up cues in the furnishings that are still in, in floors, in all the traces that are there. Soon I tell myself that in such a context, the only attitude that can be used is the irony.
Of Course the house has huge potential, with serious restructuring could make excellent improvements. But I must forget any work that involves any form of demolition and reconstruction of even also purchasing any fornitures. The first thing that comes to mind immediately is to use the manual, the client relies on to my ideas and my brushstrokes and my imagination that seeks to give life to her dreams. We decide to take ” painting action”, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on furniture and canvas that become the framework.

So the mood reference of the bathroom is to a spa with a garden full of bamboo, green wires, plants and movement of water that flow into space that is multiplied and excites, it is invested by sections of enamel water on the walls that in a few days dry and turn into a sort of set for a film between the pulp and the contemplative. The white wardrobe in the bedroom acquires branches and flowers, which are stickers.

The kitchen is sprayed in white and yellow and dark and cramped place, it becomes very similar to a corner of an undergound space. The other bedroom is immersed in the green, a bright green that welcomes handmade craft items and makes them stand out with the same brilliance of unique signature. In the living room you can get a little warm side. It seems the angle of repose of the traveler who brings with him an old burlap bag of coffee.

For this part with some ikea pillows and an old blanket grandmother is recreated a sofa from a bed. How can it be better than that? Covering it now I see that I have brought forward the items that my friend requested: green, light, fantasy, game, color, transformation, the playful and joyful definition of a scene that carry to a period of change. She had aalmost non-existent budget but very clear concepts.

Something fun, play down the empty space. Create guidelines, to evolve an object until it be a toy furniture like the fluorescent bedside. Hanging pictures on walls undefined and transient. Dealing with a beautiful that is not necessarily perfect, a nice “peccable” able to feel emotions as a new energy into space.

Valentina Iannazzone

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